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Lime Kiln Canyon - 6 Seat UTV Family Adventure

Updated: May 2

The Volcanic Hoodoos & the Sunken Hoodoos of Bryce Canyon:

2 Hours - $425, Weight-limit: 1000lbs for riders and gear.

This ride takes you due east across the Panguitch Valley to the entrance of Lime Kiln Canyon. This otherworldly canyon features a one-of-a-kind combination of geological phenomena. The incredible forces of nature on display here can only be seen in the North Bryce Backcountry.

After the uplift of plate tectonics and the activity of super volcanoes subsided, Lime Kiln Canyon was, and continues to be, carved out of the southern end of one of the largest landslides ever to occur on planet Earth.

Near the base of Lime Kiln Canyon, you'll encounter a valley filled with gray volcanic ash hoodoos. The blackened volcanic rocks scattered about this area contribute to the "slide debris field" appearance of the mixed layers found here and throughout these mountains and canyons. The multicolored blue and green bands in the ash hoodoos are from copper deposits.

The 30-million-year-old (MYA) volcanic ash tuffs these hoodoos are formed from were buried by an approximately 800-square-mile volcanic landslide, moving north to south, that occurred approximately 25 MYA (called the Sevier Gravity Slide by geologists).

About midway up this canyon, you'll suddenly find yourself surrounded by the sunken Bryce Canyon red rock cliffs and hoodoos. (We call it "sunken" because this area of the Bryce Claron Formation was buried by this enormous "gravity slide" as well).

In fact, the mountains towering around you and the canyon you are ascending are all eroded remains of this enormous landslide triggered by massive volcanic earthquakes.

The canyon you will ascend is just a few miles from the southern end (or "toe") of this massive slide, which is identified on most maps by one of two names: the Sevier Plateau or the Dutton Mountain Range, which runs some 40 miles along a north-south axis.

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